Our Mission : We are creating a new way of thinking about money that encourages sustainable and equitable economic growth while supporting local businesses

Our Vision :  Paazy™ Business  is platform that seeds and nurtures a community dedicated to the launching,backing and promotion of new projects proposals through a fluid organizational model referred to as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAOs implement self-determining and independent organizational governance, management and operations using immutable smart contracts execution.

Paazy™ Business is register under Ministry of Micro, small & Medium Enterprises from Government of India.  Paazy™ is register under class 35 and to target Advertising, Business Management, Business Administration, office functions, administration of consumer loyalty programs, price comparison services,website traffic optimization, web indexing for commercial or advertising purposes,sales promotion for others,business management of reimbursement program for others.

With this platform you can find Deal of Day and Deal of the Week. So that our user can save money. It’s possible to save $ 1,496.28 (RS 1,00,000 annually) on supermarket, grocery, fuel and doctor bills with a few techniques. Start saving money on your shopping. Shortly our abroad user can also take the benefit in their respective countries.

Who am I?

My name is Rishi Pal Sharma as founder my mission to empower people and society through the internet. When I started there were many online shopping and information sites at the time of foundation. And few believed that people would buy things on internet. During that time I have started speaking to people about internet. After long journey it is time create concept of not having ‘system-savvy people run the business’ but creating a platform that enabled ordinary people to save money in retail. We provide the platform, traffic and expertise to empower even small-scale retailer to set up their business on the Internet. Through Paazy aims to introduce consumers to “the joy of discovery” through Internet shopping and to create a environment where merchants and consumers can interact in the same way they might in a real world marketplace. And to find the right deal platform. where transactions can be engaging, exciting, informative, and personal.

Empowering People and Society

My Social Activities

As I CEO of Surya Sabha my aim of life is to serve Humanity. My Innovation, to solve social development problems. Empathy to the plight of under developed societies. My work is not based on short-term materialistic support. It is for generation to enjoy the system. And to solve the problems of their life. The time to take the action is now. Action towards solving poverty at its roots while establishing principles to maximize effective development.

My Past Experience

My Volunteer Experience with Punjab Legal Services Authority was amazing and came to know about injustice act and pain of people and problems. My duties were to keep a watch on the act of Injustice, to report the acts of injustice of the nearest legal services authority. To organize legal awareness camps To educate citizens to enable them to be aware of their rights to live with human dignity and to enable them to enjoy all constitutional Rights To spread awareness about the benefits of settlements of disputes through arbitration, conciliation, mediation and Lok Adalats. To create awareness among citizens for settlement of their disputes relating to electricity, water supply, sewerage and sanitation, Insurance etc. through permanent Lok Adalats (Public Utility Services) To manage Legal Aid Clinic

I presently engage in the business of digital Marketing. One unifying vision ‘Connect, Discover and Be free’ and sharing a common set of values: ” I love what I do” I do what I say, ” I constantly innovate,”. I get things done” and “I work as SUN”.

My experience includes:
– Marketing strategy
– Creating and executing integrated marketing campaigns
– Overall social media and brand management
– Content marketing
– Partnership marketing
– Content creation and curation
– Project management
– End to end campaign management, including events and brand / product launches
– Email marketing

My strengths include:

– Highly organised and proactive
– Forward planner, ability to foresee future marketing requests
– Having a sense of humour and calmness, even in highly stressful situations
– Self managed
– Being infectiously positive and highly productive

Experience : 15-year background across online and offline channels. Broad knowledge of marketing planning, strategy, implementation (using integrated marketing techniques) and reporting. Interested in pursuing a marketing role – permanent or interim basis.


Other Site :  http://paazy.in