Affiliate faq

What is Paazy Affiliate Program?

The Paazy Affiliate Program is a profitable deal for affiliates. It is an extremely easy way to earn money by displaying Paazy products, widgets and links on your website, blog, forum etc. Once the promotion converts to sale, the affiliates get paid a predetermined percentage commission.

How does it work?

Once you decide to be an Paazy affiliate and promote Paazy products, you are eligible to earn a percentage commission. Once the promotion converts to sale, a percentage value is remitted and the amount may build with every sale that you make through promotion.

Do I have to pay to join the program?

No. You can be an Paazy affiliate with absolutely no costs.

Who should I contact for more Information/Help?

You can send in your queries at Messenger and allow us to guide you better. It may take 48h for us to respond but rest assured your queries will be answered.

Am I eligible for referral fees on all purchases made by the user?

The customer should click on a special link on your site to reach Paazy site and during a 365 days session, add the product to his/her shopping cart.
The session commences when the customer clicks through a Special Link on your site to the Paazy Site and concludes when any of the following events occur:

  • The customer places an order for a product
  • The customer follows a third party link to the Paazy Site that is formatted with an Affiliate’s tag

We will pay referral fees on products after order, payment and delivery.

How can I choose the type of product I should ideally have on my pages?

  • Choose products that are in sync with the content of your website. You may narrow down the picks by searching on for particular products, keywords, and categories that gel with the theme of your Web site. Besides, you may view your results by product, and then by other criteria like average customer review.
  • Variety adds spice hence opt for different products across the catalog as it strikes a chord with customers looking to purchase multiple items or gifts. Harness the variegated selection at and capture more sales. People often look for similar products so if you are listing a mobile, feature other products that vary in brand or have some similarity in features, price, popularity etc.
  • Visit the Best Sellers pages of various product lines. This should give an idea on the bestselling products across specific categories, genres. Look for regular updates on the sites to know you are in sync with the changing popularity of products.
  • Look for links like ‘Featured Deals, ‘Recently Sold’, ‘New Releases’ and others.
  • Promote higher-priced products; the higher the price the more the commission.


I own multiple websites. Can I have products banners and links on all of them?

You can have product banners/links on any of your sites. We request you to comply with the policies listed in the Terms & Conditions Page.

What if I create two affiliate accounts with different tracking id?

We do not encourage keeping multiple affiliate accounts. It is strongly recommended to maintain single affiliate account for better tracking details.

Can I append same tracking Id on my multiple websites?

Yes you can append same tracking ID on multiple websites, and that is how it should be.

How to deactivate my Affiliate account created by mistake?

Just drop an email with a request to Messenger

How can I promote the products?

Once you are an Paazy affiliate, you may promote our products using the following options:

  • Links: Link to Paazy`s comprehensive catalog and avail the opportunity to earn on every conversion.
  • Banners & Widgets: Create Banners of the wide catalog of books, electronics, movies and more. Think out of the box and create a promotion that stands out and offers rich content along with an interactive experience to visitors.
    You may also use readily available banners from Campaign banner and Tab widget section.
  • Search Bar:Create an search box to search through the product catalog.

Example : Here is sample link to promote the product?

Your link :

Product detail is and ?wpam_id=5 is your affiliate link. Just change it with your ID.

How does the search bar work?

A search bar allows your site visitors to view Products that are the results of their search query within the Search Box link. It also allows them to view results that link directly to a page on the Paazy Site that contains the results of their search query.

How can I find out what products links were clicked by visitors?

To view pages visited by visitors, click on the Daily Tracker Report in your account.

How can I track my account activity?

Tracing your accounting activity is now easy with a dedicated online panel to track all your account activities.

How do I build a link to a specific item on

  • Search for any product across the catalog
  • Select the choice of button from the options listed
  • Highlight the code in the text box
  • Paste the code in your website

When can I see conversion in my account after the purchase is being made through my affiliate ID?

For all orders, you can see the real conversion once the order is delivered, and when it reaches “Delivered” stage in our system. Approved sale are only valid sale.

How should I track the orders?

You may track your orders from Reports section of affiliate panel.

How to change address in my affiliate account?

You may update your account information by clicking on the Update Information link in the Affiliate Panel.

How do I confirm my mobile number?

You may confirm your mobile number sending message from your phone on whatsapp at 7528963500

What if I am unable to verify my contact number?

In that case, click on the ‘Call Me’ button. Our CS will be in touch with you to verify your affiliate account via call

Why can’t I see visits in my Daily tracker?

It may take up to 2 days for the system to update traffic details in the ‘Daily Tracker’ section.

What is % commission bar?

The percentage commission is a stipulated/fixed/predetermined profit which every affiliate is eligible to earn once the promotions convert to sale. Affiliates may thus promote Paazy products and stand a chance to earn more, while they share our product link through various Ads.

Is there a payment threshold with the Paazy affiliate program?

Yes. There is a payment threshold of 250 Rs for payments through Gift Vouchers and of Rs 650 or $10 for payments through Cheque/bank transfer. Payments will be made once the affiliate crosses the threshold amount. 5% is deducted to send money on your commission.

What are the payment methods?

Affiliates can have option of receiving payments via Gift vouchers and Cheque.

What is the validity for Gift Voucher?

Validity for Gift Voucher is 6 months.

Is bank transfer possible, if I don’t have a bank account?

Yes. Currently we make payments  via bank transfer/cheque & Gift Vouchers.

Will I get commission if I share links via my Facebook or Twitter account?

Yes, provided a purchase is made through these links.

I want to change my PAN number. What should I do?

PAN number once entered cannot be changed. You will have to drop an messege at Messenger for further details.