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Getting Started

Marketing the Shopping Lover program by phone can be an effective way to refer Adviser and Shoppers, and your local phone book’s Yellow Pages (or other business directory) can provide you with hundreds or thousands of phone numbers to get started immediately.

Following is a sample script you can use to work from (the parts you read are in green). Your actual calls will of course take different twists and turns. Adapt as needed.

You can use tools like Whats app or Facebook messenger to chat or Invite.

Target : To generate Cashback Points more and fast

Built two list. First for Business Team and Second would be only Shoppers.

Adviser: Adviser is your business team.  A team who would like to work and earn money.

Shopper: Only do shopping and save money.

Your Call: Hi Neha, my name is Vinod Mehra and I am an adviser for Paazy Business. Is this right time to speak you?

Client: “What is the reason for your call?”

Your Answer: Paazy Business has a new program that we’re calling Shopping lovers. Basically, we’d like to save money on your shopping. It’s VERY simple and there’s no cost to you.

Your Question: Do you shop Online?

Client Answer: Yes, I do.

Your Question: Would you like to Save money?

Client Answer: Yes, of course.

Your Question: Do you have Facebook Account?

Client Answer: Yes, I have

Just like Paazy official page at And always start your shopping by clicking Shop Now button. And start getting Cash back on your shopping. As you click Shop Now button you reach to page where you have to Select your country and check merchant list. Select the merchant and click Shop Now button there. Once clicked you shall reach to merchant website and shop there. To get offer and discount coupons click merchant name. Always use SHOP NOW button to shop the merchant.

Once satisfied and payment done, Just send your bills on our bill day 20th of every month on Messenger at Don’t forget to write your detail like Name, Email ID, Face book ID, Address, Bank Details and My details Name and email id.

Once approved, you shall receive a message on Messenger.


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