How it Works?

Grow your income with Loyalty Shop Affiliate program. A complete business idea, to solve your financial problem. Just create your affiliate link to any page in creative section, which you want to promote. And post your link at website, social media site, blog anywhere where ever you like.

People shop and you generate the income. Just think over it… Recommending people about a unique business opportunity. Let’s understand in simple manner.

You have two platform, One is Loyalty Club and Second is Loyalty Shop. First start your all shopping through Loyalty Club and Loyalty Shop. With the powerful saving system you can save money on every shopping by generating revenue on every transaction of Loyalty Club and Loyalty Shop. As you know it is profit share club. After 90 days you shall be getting profit share in your wallet. Starting with Affiliate and reaching to to Associate level by generating or having 15 points in your Loyalty Club account. To maintain marketing cost and generate Profit Share you need to send 5 points every month. So As you know 1 point is equal to $1 USD. Your all monthly referral payout will send to your Loyalty Club account. So keep the same email ID to register the account. More points means more income. To redeem your points is very easy. Just send an email to redeem, and it will be transfer to your bank account through Paypal and UPI in India. Every week your income reaches to your bank account. To purchase the product you can checkout through Banks and send the money through UPI in India at loyaltyclub@upi.

So start recommending friends to why you prefer Loyalty Club for your shopping. Because it helps you to Shop, Save and Earn money. Show the activity of Loyalty Club to save money and help them to join through your affiliate link with Associate Plus at Loyalty Shop. So whenever your refer, shop at Loyalty Shop you generate the 5% as your referral Income addition to Profit Share. Your Profit share income increases as your level grow.

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