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Loyalty token

Complete the task and get paid. Offers, Deals and Vouchers Codes are waiting for you! We are happy to introduce as LoyaltyCoins Account. So whenever you complete the task you get paid.

You’re the boss

Choose the tasks that you would like to complete. You’re in control of your own schedule and creating your flexible work-life balance.


You can get started on completing a task straight away in your Loyalty token.

How to start earning

Browse tasks

Search for tasks nearby that match your skill set by using filtering for location, distance, completing in-person vs. remotely, and by searching keywords. When you find the right task, make an offer!

Do the task well and get paid

Keep talking to the task regularly so that they know what’s happening. When it’s done, make sure you request for the payment to be released and leave an honest and true review for the task.

Improve your profile

Your profile and reviews so you’ve got to make a good first impression! Upload a photo, write a nice description, and list the skills you’re great at. An awesome profile instantly improves your chances of your offers getting accepted.

What type of tasks are available?

There’s a huge range of tasks on Paazy business. From home-based tasks such as Liking, Shopping, Comments, Share, Review tasks; to office-based tasks, such as marketing, graphic design and web development tasks. There are also a bunch of interesting tasks as well, for example, wedding help, cake baking or costume making.

A task page will let you know if the task needs to be completed in person or online.


How do I get paid?

You can start working on the task knowing that your payment for the task has been secured with Paazy LoyaltyCoins Account. When you complete the task and request payment, payment release. This is then securely transferred to your nominated bank account or check.

Paazy Business automatically deducts a service fee of $0.5 on every $10. when the payment is released to include variable transaction platform and maximizing your opportunity to earn more. Minimum payment should be $10. So after request you always get $9.5 in your account.

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