Introduction: It's possible to save Rs 1,00,000 annually on supermarket, grocery, health & personal care and apparel with a few techniques. Shop anything, anywhere and anytime. And we shall share the bill with you. Get all the updates of Money Market. Which can effect our financial health. Find best deals here. We are open for 24X7 days.

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Our Mission : We are creating a new way of thinking about money that encourages sustainable and equitable economic growth while supporting local businesses. Join the revolution. Most platform designed to enrich their creator. Rich became richer, we hate this. We believe wealth adoptions must be spreads equally to every person across the world. No one even the creator has more privileges than others, No such thing as up line and binary pairing inside the platform thus distributing fair advantages among participants. We believe wealth adoptions must be spreads equally to every person across the world. So let’s understand the Wealth Creation Formula.
Paazy Business” will help you save money when you shop your favorite stores
Shop Anything
Shop Anywhere
Shop Anytime
Share the bill with us
Step by step program to start saving on your shopping. Three steps to success.

How to Save?

Shop More and Save More!

Register yourself, so that you can also read private pages. 

To register click here

After register, Whatsapp your name & email to 7528963500 so that we can approve.

Never miss a deal. For this you have to subscribe and like the social pages. Follow the links

(1) Facebook (2) Twitter (3) Subscribe in Email

Step 3 :   Follow these steps every time before start shopping. Login and start shopping. On every page there is link ( blue color) to reach  directly on your shopping site.

  1. Select the Merchant to shop
  2. Check offer
  3. Click the link to reach merchant website
  4. Use coupon to save money on checkout.
  5. Send your shopping bills to share with us.
To save more, become VIP. There are two type of Registration. One is Free and VIP. Free registration can see all offers and coupons. But VIP gets Loyalty & referral income. VIP user need to pay one time Administration fee Rs.1000 ($14.98) and KYC Documents. Please Pay Cheque or tansfer money to Paazy Business account. And to get bank account details click here.
Benefits of VIP

In the solution envisaged, when a consumer makes a purchase or performs some other designated action valued by a participating program operator, they are rewarded with a configurable Loyalty Coins.  Loyalty coins are cashback on your shopping. So whenever you shop, you get cashback on your every purchase. Loyalty coin is new way to make real assets or wealth creation formula. Assets which helps you to generate real money in your bank account.

EARN Loyalty

Network-dependent disinflation targeted interest, is the mechanism for minimizing disinflation and maximizing interest on your loyalty coin. Get share of profit from world wide sale.


Too much? NO. You deserve it. Earns 5%loyalty coin for every purchase of shopping at Paazy Shopping by your referees.

In sum, the consumer has been rewarded with a better than reward point in shape of Referral program.


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