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One World and One Shop

One World and one shop is a unique concept to Shop and save money. With this platform it’s possible to save $ 1,496.28 (RS 1,00,000 annually) on supermarket, grocery, fuel and doctor bills with a few techniques. But we are not here to save only but also Earn. So with one boll you can hit your Goal. but before that we have to understand the Cashback system of the Market. So cashback is when a consumer makes a purchase or performs some other designated action valued by a participating program operator, they are rewarded with a configurabale Cashback. I think you already understood the cashback method.

Introducing Cashback Points : Understanding the smart saving method Cash back points known as Asset Income or Wealth Creation Formula. This wealth creation formula has secrets in it, which make it difference from others. So let’s understand Cashback points in Paazy Business.

Life time income opportunity with Cashback Points : Cashback on every shopping. So whenever shop through us or at our trade partner, you get cashback points on every purchase. Cashback points Program is new way to make real assets or wealth creation formula. Assets which helps you to generate real money in your bank account. We give Cashback Points on every purchase but these cashback points when reaches 10 Ponts you generate $10. Now you get paid instantly in your Payza Account. As you have been paid your points become Zero (0). But here we accumulate it. And once you have reached 1000 points, you start generating loyalty Income. An income which share you the profit of worldwide sale every month. Every month there will be many rewards. So Grab it.

So Cashback Points never expire. There are many methods to generate fast Cashback points and other income. You can go through saving steps to reach click here.

You can also Like our Facebook Page and Shop everytime on Facebook itself. To like reach here.

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