Paazy Local Search Engine is part of Paazy Business Club. And it is designed to help local businesses . Where local business can boost their sales and increase profit. Nowadays it is very difficult to handle expenses. So with one vision, we have created this opportunity that our all club members should get paid according to their rank. As we grow(Club grows), all members get paid. Download the pdf file for more information.

Understanding Concept

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Know the secret and start your passive income.

Calculate your income with your Points and tokens. Your income is converted with Indian Currency. Point & tokens are equal to 1 INR (Indian Rupees)

Paazy Local Search Engine

Shop and Advertise ( become featured advertiser) to get 10% cashback points. Shop and get cashback points. To select the shop, you need the brands at Paazy local search engine. Moreover you can earn referral income (as affiliate income) and convert them in points. Points can be redeem anytime. You can shop, with Points.

Note : Minimum $10 as Affiliate income can be cashed anytime.

Paazy Business Club

Here you generate the Tokens. Token is generated through Points(from Paazy local search engine), advertising and affiliate. You can generate 10% cashback tokens. Moreover you can convert your affiliate income with Tokens.

Keep more tokens in your account and get higher share of profit of Worldwide sale.

Points : To track your activity we have created Points. You pay with USD and we exchange with INR to read the value. Points are paid as cashback on purchase of advertising packand referring others to become feature merchants. Following such a programmed offer Pay Technique permits our user to purchase more and remunerated with Points. One Point is equal 1 ( Indian Rupees).

Here, there are two types of Joining, Free user and Feature merchants (VIP). On every shopping, with our local feature merchants, you are eligible for cashback. Before shopping at the local merchant, ask for cashback. If he says yes, then shop. Just tell them your username and they will pay loyalty points. We have two types of feature merchant categories.

  • OTP : Online Trade Partner, The company who has approved us as marketing channel partner. Reach to the profile page of the company and click on his official website to shop & save.
  • STP : Store or Shop Trade Partner, who provide cash back Loyalty Points on shopping. Reach to their store or shop, Do needful purchasing, get loyalty points.

Ranks : According to your points, we have set Ranks like Associate, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. All ranks have power to generate more points(except Associate).

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Let’s know Ranks and fix the target to achieve it.

Diamond Associate 1,000,000 - 0

Gold Associate 100,000 - 999,999

Silver Associate 25,001 - 99,999

Bronze Associate 3,000 - 25,000

Associate 1 - 2,999

We will help you to achieve the target and grow your business.

Promote Your Business And Get Paid, if you don’t have, Join us to become an entrepreneur.

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There are Six ways to generate income. Cashback, Referral, Bronze Associate, Silver Associate, Gold Associate and Diamond Associate.

Shop and Get Cashback

Whenever you avail any services or shop, you get cash back as Points.

Generate more Points with following methods

Referral Points

Whenever you refer and your referral purchase or shop here, you get 10% as affiliate Income. First Register and login, click here to register as affiliate. In affiliate home page, check the creative or find your affiliate link to promote on social media. Track your sale 24X7 days. Be the first of promote local business in your city.

Affiliate : Every user can become an affiliate, by filling a simple form. Once you become an affiliate, you shall get your own affiliate link to promote it. Your link will look like something On every successful transaction, you are eligible for 10% of sales. Moreover, cookies have been set for 365 days.

Bronze Associate

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Minimum 3000 tokens required to achieve Bronze Associate level. Maintaining your Bronze Associate level will give you a 5% additional Bronze bonus.

Pool Income

Get Share of Profit : Every merchant has a profile tab. In profile tabs, you can see about, map, photos, phone, website and review. Just click on the website and you would see a link to reach the merchant official website. Click it, and reach the official website to shop and save. Become Bronze Associate and get 5% as share of profit.

Silver Associate

You need a minimum 25001 Points to get a Silver bonus. Silver bonus gives you 10% as share of profit worldwide sale. Which helps you to meet travel expenditure.

Gold Associate

You need a minimum 100000 Points to get a Gold bonus. Gold bonus gives you 20% as share of profit worldwide sale. Which helps you to achieve your dream Car.

Diamond Associate

You need a minimum 1000000 Points to get Diamond bonus. Diamond bonus gives you 30% as share of profit worldwide sale. Which helps you to achieve Dream House.

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Become Successful Entrepreneur