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We have developed an innovative method to reduce poverty and unemployment.….

Save and Earn in Dollars (USD)

As you know maximum companies provide Reward Points on your shopping. But we give Super Points at Paazy Shop. Every time you shop, help you to generate Super Points as Cashback. Invite your friends/colleagues to shop, you generate referral income. Once you have become Associate (minimum 25 Super Points required) we share our Profit which is generated through shopping at Paazy Shop and Paazy Club Merchants. So in Paazy Shop you get Cashback, Referral and Profit share income.

1 Super Point = 1 USD

With this platform it’s possible to save $ 1,496.28 on supermarket, grocery, fuel and doctor bills with a few techniques. Our Associate (minimum 25 Super Points required) members gets profit share of worldwide sale as bonus when they shop online at Paazy Club merchants and Paazy shop. Paazy Club rewards to shop at several countries!

What Passive Income can do?

So Intuitive, So easy! We go beyond by just redeeming rewards as Super Points anytime at Paazy Shop.

Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.

New Concept


We’re a brilliant new concept in the Home Based Business where you make money every time, when one of OUR products sells anywhere in the world through Paazy Club merchants and Paazy Shop.  Turn buying, marketing and/or selling into long-term passive income! It’s the smartest way to be a consumer AND build your financial future at the same time. Not MLM!

Start your Passive income with Super Points

Passive Income: Start Shopping and grow your Super Points. On every shopping, generate Super Points. So when you refer somebody to Paazy Shop, your customer remains yours for life time. So whenever, your refer shop, you shall be generating Super Points for life time. Get Super Points on yours and other shopping. So whenever your friends shop and generate Super Points and you also generate Super Points. As your Super Points grow, your designation changes and your Profit Share Income also changes. So, start your journey Affiliate to CEO. Let’s shop your daily need products to generate passive income. Redeem your Super Points anytime at Paazy Shop.

Register as Affiliate and start referring FREE

Grow your Super Points with Bonus

Bonus as Share of Profit : We share our profit 5% to our Associate members as bonus. Shopping can be anywhere in the world. We are glad to inform you that who has maintained 25 Super Points and shopped every month at Paazy Shop. After three month they are eligible to get share of profit worldwide sale of Paazy Club & Paazy Shop merchants. So shop every month to get  share of profit worldwide sale as Quarterly Bonus. We shall declare the amount and distribute to all active associates. You can login and check the points in your Account section. Moreover you can redeem the Super Points at Paazy Shop anytime.

Example : You and members shop at Paazy Shop or Paazy Club on January. You shall get paid share of profit worldwide sale (included Paazy Club) on May.

Share of Profit as per Rank

In Paazy Shop all associate members are equal and are eligible for Bonus. All Associate member gets Quarterly Bonus in their account. Register and become our Associate to get share of profit of worldwide sale.

All members listed below do get Share of profit of worldwide sale after three-month as under. Affiliate members are not eligible for share of profit worldwide sale.

Note : To get more information about ranks and eligibility, you need to reach here.

Associate now and Save 50% OFF

India : To pay in Indian Currency you can use UPI (Bheem) application. Click here to pay with UPI


Become our Associate and start getting profit share of worldwide sale of Paazy Club merchants and Paazy Shop. Just maintain the 25 points and shop every month at Paazy Shop. Get 25 points as cashback. And our 1 point= $1.


Click here to Become our Prestigious Associate Member.


You can win the rewards prizes every month. There will be contest to hits the target. Grow your income with us.

Sell Your Services or Product with us

Just register your business and start selling with us. If you don’t have any product or services, just sell our services as your product.

Once you have registered, you are now eligible to start Loyalty Program for your services or products. And its easy to find new customer or client for your business. All Shoppers are get paid cashback points and they can redeem anytime at your business page of Paazy Shop. Post your offer and deals in Paazy Club, so that club user can save money their shopping. And you get paid by selling your services and products as your first income.


Optimize your exposure with a feature-rich and highly personalized profile and listing on Paazy Club directory. Just spread the word about your Profile page or any Paazy club merchant pages and start getting paid when somebody shop.

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