Become Gold Merchant of Loyalty Club

 36,000.00  3,600.00

Contribute to Loyalty club as your Gold Merchant fee for advertising and learning . And boost your sale with us.


Bronze benefit are as under:

  • Enlist your store at loyalty club Merchants
  • Boost your sale with us by getting repeated sale.
  • Give your customer or clients to get cashback on their purchase.
  • You and your customer get profit of share of worldwide sale.
  • An additional income opportunity at your store.
  • Build your online community for your clients free.
  • Start updating exclusive offers, discount and cashback to your clients or customers.
  • Start shopping online in 150 countries and get cashback with every purchase.
  • Activity : Give advantage of seasonal offers, promotions and much more.
  • Build your online community  and be in touch.

Additional Gold benefit are as under:

  • Open your store 24X7 days.
  • Start selling online at Paazy My Shop.
  • Track online sales and find new clients.
  • Free sales force team to sell your products.

To get more information reach at Loyalty Club


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