Queen Contest


Queen Contest Rules & Regulations
Queen Contest Rules for 2018

1) All contestants must be residents of India, and shall be a resident of the city Patiala for not less than six months immediately preceding July 10, 2018. Contestants must be citizens of the India.

2) Contestants must not be less than 18.

3) Each contestant must have a Loyalty Club membership. Contestant should pay Rs.2000 fee. (Checks- payable to the Paazy Business.)

4) All Contestants must attend a personal interview session, which will be held every month.

5) Contestants will be judged on poise, appearance and personality within each category of interview.

6) Queen contest shall be held every month. All contestant should shop for minimum of Rs.2000/- to participate. Say you shop at January.. Winner would be declare on February.

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Benefit of Queen Contest

  • As a loyalty member you can get cashback on your shopping online and offline. (Merchants listed in loyalty club)
  • Contestant fee can be used for services and purchase of products.
  • Winner Contestant will be treated as Queen with free services like Makeover, Hair do, Dress up and Body Spa.
  • Winner would be declare and highlighted at Loyalty Club.

Note : Once paid, you shall received Loyalty Club login details.




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