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Saving steps

There are four steps to start saving on your shopping.Shop More and Save More!


Register yourself, so that you can also read private pages. 

To register click here

After register, Whatsapp your name & email to 7528963500 so that we can approve.


Never miss a deal. For this you have to subscribe and like the social pages. Follow the links

(1) Facebook (2) Twitter (3) Subscribe in Email (4) Paazy Shopping



Step 3 :   Follow these steps every time before start shopping. Login and start shopping. On every page there is link ( blue color) to reach  directly on your shopping site.

  1. Select the trade-partner to shop  from  USA and India

  2. Check offer ( like discount coupon & offers)

  3. Click the link to reach merchant website

  4. Use coupon to save money on checkout.

  5. Send your shopping bills to share with us.

 To save more, start shopping and get cash back points with every purchase. Shop and benefit from Cashback Points with every purchase. Offers, Deals and Vouchers Codes are waiting for you! Cash back provides customers a convenient method of obtaining cash when purchasing goods and services without having to make a separate trip to an ATM or bank. To know more about cash back points and life time income opportunity click here.

Important Links :

Merchant List : India Shopping     US Shopping

Save money by :   Offers & Coupons



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