Associate Plus

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Associate Plus plays a important role to understand Shop, Save and Earn with Loyalty Club. It helps you to understand the concept and help you to save more money on your shopping.


Associate Plus is a advertising and training platform to boost your sale. With this program you can share your offer and deals to Loyalty Club user or members. Our Affiliate team shall teach you how to register and promote your products. Once you have purchased the product, you shall get 25 points as cashback in your Loyalty Shop account.

Note: Our 1 Point = $1

Moreover you are also eligible to generate Profit Share Income every month, by maintaining minimum 15 points in your Loyalty Shop account and pay 5 Points every month to to continue your advertisement. To increase your profit share, you can get all information at loyalty Club opportunity page.

All Associate member shall get profit share 5% income on worldwide sale. So after every quarter you shall get the profit share as bonus in your loyalty Club account. Our Associate members can join us at Messenger, Seminars and Training to clear his all doubts. Moreover you can start your career journey  Affiliate to CEO.

To increase the revenue you can also join our affiliate program FREE.

Affiliate Tools : Affiliate Business tools is a new way to have back-end office and check your work status any time. Once this tool is active, you can have your free Loyalty Shop website with back end office.  In your back end office, you can check  impression, clicks and Sales. Once you have paid the training fee, your account will be created. On training time you get your login and password.

Impression, sometimes called a view or an ad view, is a term that refers to the point in which an ad is viewed once by a visitor, or displayed once on a web page. The number of impressions of a particular advertisement is determined by the number of times the particular page is located and loaded.

Sales: Whenever somebody reach Loyalty Shop through your referral link and shop. You generate the income 5%. And you get paid lifetime whenever your customer shop.

Once purchased, Shortly you shall receive 25 Loyalty points as cashback. So start your life time income opportunity with Associate business tools. Every month you have to pay 5 points for Associate Plus, Training, Review, administration and maintenance fee from loyalty shop account.

Bonus as Share of Profit : We share our profit 5% to our Associate members as bonus. Let’s shop your daily need products to generate passive income. Now a days you get points on your shopping, which help you to repurchase. But here you get paid for your and other’s shopping. Shopping can be anywhere in the world. We are glad to inform you that who has paid three month regular fee, And pay regular thereafter, is eligible to get share of profit of worldwide sale as Quarterly Bonus. We shall declare the amount and distribute to all active associates.

In Loyalty Shop all associate members are equal and are eligible for Bonus. All Associate member gets Quarterly Bonus in their account. Moreover our, one point is equal to one USD ($) Dollar. Register and become our Associate to get share of profit of worldwide sale. You can login and check the points in your Account section. Moreover you can redeem the points at Loyalty Shop anytime.

Just register and pay Now. And start getting bonus quarterly. Pay your Associate membership fee regularly and enjoy referral (monthly) and bonus income in your account on first quarter and thereafter every month.

Pay your Monthly fee on every 1Calendar Month. Or Pay through PayPal Subscription.





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