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Drive more internet traffic and add a new sales channel for your business. Upgrade your online platforms with value-added services that allow your customers to browse and buy your products wherever they are. Advertising to get internet traffic for your business as Paazy pages. So start writing article about your business or offers.


To bring in a steady stream of good targeted traffic (Fans, client or customers) and generate an online/offline presence which in turn will earn you an income. The answer is simple, so why is it so hard? The truth is it’s not hard at all, you just have to join the right methods of traffic generation and stick with them. Simply getting your website indexed on Google and Yahoo is just not enough these days, we need to take it one step further and use some cast iron techniques to get the traffic we need.

Drive more internet traffic and add a new sales channel for your business. Upgrade your online platforms with value-added services that allow your customers to browse and buy your products wherever they are.

  • Become Contributor
  • Increase user to purchase your product directly or through Paazy Shop

Within Paazy pages you will generate your own traffic methods and get the targeted traffic you need to move your business further toward the future. And moreover you can sell your content or product. It means you can encourage readers to buy your book or read further.

The Paazy pages will give you all the tools and techniques you need to hold that traffic in place for a very long time to come by publishing deals.
This Paazy Club pages can help you to gain massive amounts of traffic without spending a penny and without draining your time.
Paazy Pages can generate traffic and profit from the latest social networking and bookmarking websites.
Paazy pages will show you how you can generate traffic to your business and gain respect from the Blogging community and Search Engines.
Ultimately Traffic Guide is going to offer for you a NO BULL, cast iron way to generate visitors to your Author pages. New way to income streams.

Are you register user, if not just register first. Than upgrade your role at Paazy Club. Start publishing press note on Pages of Paazy Club. You can write Poem, Stories, Articles, Essay, put Offers, Deals of day, Deals of week, Post Article, News anything.. whatever you like. Moreover you can post at Paazy official pages of Facebook. And we can reach your offers to our twitter followers.

The Contributor Role and benefits
Contributors can write, edit, and drop their own unpublished posts, but their content must reviewed and published by an Admin or Editor. It’s important to note that Contributors can’t access the Media Library, so if they want to use specific images, videos, or audio files in the Media Library, they have to ask from an Admin or Editor. Share your Knowledge, experiences, expectations, events, business offer and deals. Subscribe to Press Note and start submitting your Press Note for a month.

Contributor can write Press Note related to his business. It help’s you to engage your customers by your ability knowledge. With our platform your article reaches Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo many more to find more about your business. Your press note shall be published to all our subscriber of Paazy Club and social media like Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Path.

What’s the best way of sharing video content?

Video is one of the most engaging forms of content that you can include on your press note.

That said, hosting your videos on YouTube, Daily Motion, or directly on your own server has its shortcomings:

  • If you host it yourself, you will need to pay more for hosting and bandwidth.
  • Hosting on a third-party service like YouTube means that your viewers need to contend with third-party adverts (that you get no revenue from).
  • Alternatively, hosting on an ad-free platform inevitably means that you need to pay more for the service.

Paazy Club video hosting service uses the same high-speed content delivery network we use for photos, and is completely ad-free.

  • As you upgrade you become Contributor, you can write  Articles to promote your business.
  • Your deals like offer and discount coupons reaches to local shoppers or members.
  • Sales force to promote your products and services without paying monthly salary.
  • Works well with our ad-free video hosting service.
  • Help in Search Engine Optimization


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