Shankhpushpi powder – 1 Kg Pack – Pack of 2


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  • Fine powder of high quality Shankhpushpi for optimal and desired function.
  • 100% veg & natural convolvulus pluricaulis plant in powder form easy to use by all genders.
  • No fillers added, Pure powder of Shankhpushpi plant.
  • Optimum for Nervous sustem
  • Promotes brain functions

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Experience Shankhpushpi Medicine/ Shankhpushpi Benefits for Brain Health & Stress Relief

Convolvulus pluricaulis common name is Shankhpushpi. It contains potassium, sitosterol, triglyceride, xanthones, due to which it may exert nervine, nootropic, anti-stress, laxative, electrolyte balancing, anxiolytic and neuroprotective properties.
Stress and anxiety have become part of our lives. However, it’s of utmost importance to fight these conditions and that too, naturally. That’s why Shankhpushpi medicine has an enormous value in Ayurveda. It is a powerful brain tonic and stress relieving supplement. As it is 100% herbal, it is potent and without any harmful chemicals.
Shankhpushpi Benefits
As a brain tonic, Shankhpushpi Powder may provide relief from stress, anxiety, tension, and headaches because it may have a calming effect on the brain. Moreover, it may also regulate stress hormones in the brain and promote the smooth circulation of blood in the brain.

This herbal supplement may also fight depression and may find its use in mental disorders. Furthermore, it may help in memory functions and may improve concentration. Shankhpushpi medicine may also help in conditions like insomnia and epilepsy. Thus, it may be a complete nervous system stabilizer.
Additionally, Convolvulus Pluricaulis may also help in lowering the blood pressure and may be a good herb for the heart. Lastly, it may help in digestion and relieve constipation.

Shankhpushpi: Buy Online at Herbal Hills – A Premium Herbal Manufacturer

Herbal Hills produces Shankhpushpi Powder with the help of modern and highly advanced technologies. It is one of India’s leading and most trusted herbal brands. A team of experts, with decades of experience in Ayurveda, creates these herbs in the facility which has ISO, GMP, and Halal certifications.
Moreover, Herbal Hills has created a novel concept of herbal extract which are concentrates derived from the herbs. Hence, it gives speedy, complete and effective results. Our products are 100 % natural and free from any harmful chemicals.

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The direction of Use:

Take 3 gms powder, 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician.


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