Simple Post

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  • INR: ₹ 1,347.19

The Straightforward Post bundle is for clients on an extremely severe spending that might want fundamental online perceivability to Web perusers. Your news is presented on our site and Media Work area for Columnists. There is no proper dispersion for this bundle.

Whenever, YOU ARE Qualified TO Update YOUR Straightforward POST Discharge TO A FULL Dispersion Bundle.



  • Incorporate one picture to upgrade your public statement perceivability
  • Incorporate 2 watchword joins
  • Your news shows up on our landing page, inside list items and Media Work area for Columnists
  • Remember your news for up to 2 industry classifications
  • Albeit an essential perceivability bundle, official statements still experience a standard survey like any of our different public statement bundles to guarantee quality substance for our crowd
  • multi day turnaround for posting
  • Your post reaches to our 4273 subscribers and followers of our social media like Facebook, Twitter & and LinkedIn.


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