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Social Security and retirement Income

Our Mission : We are creating a new way of thinking about money that encourages sustainable and equitable economic growth while supporting local businesses

Our Vision : We believe that real change begins at the local level. Through the use of local deals, more people shop local, eat local, buy local, and live local, strengthening the local economy, and keeping the control of money in everyone’s hands. With a strong and inclusive local economy people feel more connected to one another, increasing social responsibility and social capital.

Paazy™ Business is register under Ministry of Micro, small & Medium Enterprises from Government of India.  Paazy™ is register under class 35 and to target Advertising, Business Management, Business Administration, office functions, administration of consumer loyalty programs, price comparison services,website traffic optimization, web indexing for commercial or advertising purposes,sales promotion for others,business management of reimbursement program for others. Paazy™ Business  provides an opportunity for Shopping lovers looking for high profits, not possible in the old economy.  With newly developed saving instruments, Paazy will drive new investors and fresh capital into decentralized economy. Paazy Business target is to save money on super market, grocery fuel & doctor’s bill.


Cutting edge security

No need to deal with complicated loyalty program or be afraid of losing your assets forever because you can’t find your private keys. We employ state-of-the-art security technology for you, with the storage of fiat and digital assets embedded into an contract!


24/7 access to assets

As a never seen before feature, your assets will be highly liquid. 24/7 accessible and withdrawals are available to minimum $7.75.



Simple to use

Designed for everyone. Guaranteed hassle-free on boarding.



Brought to you by the Paazy™ Business team, we are a registered  under Ministry of Micro, small & Medium Enterprises from Government of India.


Cashback Points

We believe everyone should be able to get involved in the new economy movement. That’s why we’ve created cash back points Program – the most equal platform there is. Join the revolution. Most platform designed to enrich their creator. Rich became richer, we hate this. We believe wealth adoptions must be spreads equally to every person across the world. No one even the creator has more privileges than others, No such thing as up line and binary pairing inside the platform thus distributing fair advantages among participants.

Cash back points Program (CBP) provide guaranteeing security, predictability and widespread compatibility, while at the same time providing a very easy and transparent way of profit sharing.



All major currency supported

We accept EUR, USD and GBP all other currencies.. …For direct deposit click here.  For online deposit you can send money through Paypal and Payza at Click here to pay Now with Paypal 



How it works?

Cash back points is new way to make real assets or wealth creation formula. Assets which helps you to generate real money in your bank account. To understand the value of assets.

Understanding the smart saving method Cash back points known as Asset Income or Wealth Creation Formula.
This wealth creation formula has secrets in it, which make it difference from others. So let’s understand Cashback and loyalty points. A cashback loyalty program is an incentive program. Where a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to the account holder. Many companies particularly those in the United Kingdom and United States, run programs to encourage use of the shopping where the user is given points, frequent flyer miles or a monetary amount. This last benefit, a monetary amount, is usually known as cashback or cash back reward.

Life time income opportunity

In the solution envisaged, when a consumer makes a purchase or performs some other designated action valued by a participating program operator, they are rewarded with a configurable Cashback points Program.  Cashback on every shopping. So whenever shop through us or at our trade partner, you get cashback points on every purchase. Cashback points Program is new way to make real assets or wealth creation formula. Assets which helps you to generate real money in your bank account. So shop more and earn more.  To know more click here

EARN Loyalty

Network-dependent disinflation targeted interest, is the mechanism for minimizing disinflation and maximizing interest on your loyalty points. Get share of profit from world wide sale.


Too much? NO. You deserve it. Earns 5% cash back points for every purchase of shopping at Paazy Shopping by your referees.

Paazy Shopping Community starts by helping ordinary people save money on nearly everything they buy, by giving Cashback on most purchases. Each member is provided with free affiliate links to promote the Cashback membership. You can create EXTRA MONEY doing what you are already doing anyways!


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