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Easy to Upload and Update Products

Spare time making and refreshing complex items, and dealing with your item index. Make, transfer or update a huge number of items without a moment’s delay, including complex items. Mass update standard things like cost and portrayal, alongside custom information like arrangement accessibility, assets and that’s just the beginning.

Import, fare or update hundreds or thousands of items in your store with a solitary CSV. This device underpins all item types, including varieties.

First-time storekeepers begin all the more rapidly by sending out and bringing in items during arrangement

Create your CSV

To import new products or update existing products, you need a CSV containing your product information. You can:



  • CSVs ought to be in UTF-8 configuration.
  • Dates ought to be characterized for the store’s neighborhood timezone.
  • Utilize 1 or 0 in your CSV, if bringing in a Boolean worth (genuine or bogus)
  • Different qualities in a field get isolated with commas.
  • Enveloping qualities by cites enables you to embed a comma.
  • Prefix the id with id: if referencing a current item ID. No prefix is required if referencing a SKU. For instance: id:100, SKU101
  • Custom meta is upheld/imported yet just plain content – no help for JSON or Serialized information.
  • Scientific categorization term chain of command is signified with >, terms are isolated with commas.
  • Draft items are not sent out, just distributed and secretly distributed items.


  • Pictures should be pre-transferred or accessible online to import to your store.
  • Outside URLs are upheld and brought into the Media Library whenever utilized.
  • You can characterize the filename if the picture as of now exists in the Media Library.