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Who will I be working with?

You’re your own boss, so it’s totally up to you!

Can I get task alerts?

Of course! Set up task alerts in your account settings and we’ll let you know when any new tasks appear that match your interests. You can get alert by email and official Facebook page.

How do I get assigned to a task?

Task Manager are eligible of every task. Task are like events. So when you express your interest means you may go but when you click on Going. You are in. Bills has to submit by 28 of every month.

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There are four steps to open Pool Dollar Account.

Pool Dollar Account – Get Paid for your Task !! | Pool Dollar Account

Join now and start earning today! Complete your task and start earning. You can even get paid when you buy gifts, flowers, along with daily needs products.


Register yourself, Buy a Product Free. Just Add to cart this product and checkout.  

To Buy reach here : Deals in Email 

To subscribe your email click here

Once completed, reach to second steps



Build your Profile Page. So that you can easily promote and manage your business. After login, right side of website header page you can see your profile photo. Click it and see your Pool Fund, Profile, Activity, Notification, Messages, friends, Group, Forums, Docs and Settings tab is there.

So work like a Professionals.


Register our Affiliate or Referral program. So that you can gain life time income opportunity program.

To register click here

Once registered, reach to your control panel here.  And to get Free Website, check Creatives. Copy your free website link and paste it on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. anywhere you want to promote. That’s it.

To know more referral program click here

Update your website at Profile setting page. Like our Facebook official page and invite your friends to like it and get referral income every time they shop.

                                                                      Like us @ Facebook



Step 3 :   Follow these steps and complete your task every month. 

  1. Select the Country to shop  
  2. Check the deals by clicking brand name.
  3. Click the Shop Now button to reach merchant website
  4. Use coupon to save money on checkout.
  5. Send your task bills with account and sponsor detail at Messenger



Use Paazy website to shop your everyday products.  Click the Shop Now Button to shop your favorite merchant. Once you have paid the payment and become satisfy with product or services. Just submit a copy of your bill with MESSENGER. That’s it.

Once we approved your bill, Get paid.
Once your task income to $10. You get paid $9.5 in your bank account.

Note: Task payment are paid in Dollar

Accumulate your Pool funds and start getting share of profit from Worldwide Sale. To know more about cashback points reach here


Never miss a deal. For this you have to subscribe and like the social pages. Follow the links

(1) Facebook  (2) Facebook Shop(2) Twitter (3) Subscribe in Email (4) Paazy Shop

Note: On Facebook Shop there is Subscribe button. Just click it.